What about cost?


The cost of our celebrant’s service depends on the role that family and friends would like her to play. Some people prefer to have a trusted professional take care of the entire service, while others want just a bit of help and coordination.

With this in mind, we have created four basic packages that we hope will meet most needs.

Package I: Officiate

Includes meeting with family or friends to understand the service they have planned, to learn about their loved one and be prepared to officiate in a compassionate, respectful way. This package works well when family and friends are already know what they want to do, or what their loved one wanted, and just need someone to lead the service or gathering. (Offered at no cost)

Package II: Plan and Officiate

  Includes meeting with family or friends to plan the service; coordinating the speakers, music, and a takeaway memento; and officiating the service or gathering. This package works well when you have family members and friends who would like to speak or participate in other ways, and you want someone to help bring everyone’s ideas together—not only organizing and leading the service, but also supporting each person with their part. (Price: $50)

Package III: Plan, Officiate, and Tell Your Loved One’s Story

Includes everything in Package II, as well as writing and delivering a life tribute for your loved one. This package works well for family members and friends who prefer to have someone else discover, craft, and share the story of their loved-one’s life and loss. (Price: $150)

Package IV: Plan, Officiate, and Tell Your Love One’s Story, including an Obituary

Includes everything in Package III, as well as writing an obituary. (Price: $250)

If none of these packages fits your needs, please contact us. We are committed to helping families and friends in their time of loss and would be honored to help craft a memorial experience to fit your situation and budget, including the offering of additional services at no charge.